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Appointment Tips

When it comes to your hair and makeup appointment, there are a few tips that can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. We listed a few below - if you have any questions view our FAQ or connect with us!


Arriving to your hair/ makeup appointment

-When arriving to your hair or makeup appointment it's important to arrive with clean hair and skin.

It's a common saying "dirty hair is better" but unfortunately, that is a myth. Our stylists have products that can help add texture and grip to your hair to give it full volume or whatever style it is you're looking for but, it's important the hair is dry & clean, especially so your desired style can last all day. 

Arriving with a clean face free of any makeup or SPF is crucial as well, (SPF can negatively effect the way the makeup wears), any skincare like moisturizer or serums that you use regularly are totally okay - just make sure to let your MUA know what skin prep you've done.

-Bring along a photo of your desired hair/ makeup look. This will help your stylist get a better idea of your desired look.

Your bridal hair / makeup trial

-Expect your trial to be anywhere from 60-90 + minutes, our hair stylists and makeup artists want to make sure to consult before and after to make sure to get your desired look.

-Wear a white shirt or top and bring along any accessories and/or a veil you plan to wear on your wedding day. This will help you better visualize the full look.

-Bring along a picture of your wedding dress and any other hair & makeup inspiration images to help your artist understand the type of look and style you want. ​​

-Speak up if you don’t like something! You should feel comfortable with your look, so don’t be afraid to let your hair or makeup artist know if something isn’t quite right. 

-Bring a friend or family member along for moral support, and to take photos of the different looks you try. The more photos the better, things will look different on camera.

-Don’t forget to ask your makeup artist for recommendations on products to use for touch-ups on the day of the wedding. 

-Finally, relax and enjoy the experience! 

bridesmaid getting her makeup done by Blush Beauty at a wedding venue
Beautiful bride sitting beautifully in her wedding dress with her hair and makeup done perfect

Your wedding day

-Start with a good skincare routine a few months before the wedding. This will help ensure your skin is in the best condition possible, see an esthician or dermatologist if you have any skin care concerns. Do NOT use any new products 1 month prior to your wedding day to avoid any break outs or allergic reactions. 

-Avoid pimple patches the night prior! We've seen too many things can go wrong with them and trust us, it's definitely easier for our makeup artists to just cover a little pimple. 

-We recommend blocking off more time than you think you may need on the day of. We want to make sure everyone is 100% happy with their look and have the time to do any touch ups. Its also great to have a little extra wiggle room on your big day. We schedule each person for 45-60 minutes on the day of and the bride for 60-90 minutes.

-Make sure you eat something on the morning of your wedding day and stay hydrated.

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