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Appointment Tips

Navigating your hair and makeup appointment? Here are some handy tips for a stress-free experience. If you have any questions view our FAQ or connect with us!


Arriving to your hair/ makeup appointment

-When coming in for your hair or makeup appointment, it's crucial to show up with clean hair and skin.

While the saying "dirty hair is better" is often heard, it's unfortunately a myth. Our stylists have products that can enhance texture and grip, giving your hair the volume or style you desire. However, it's essential that the hair is dry and clean, ensuring your chosen style lasts throughout the day.

Equally important is arriving with a clean face, free from any makeup or SPF (as SPF can affect the way makeup wears). Using your regular skincare products like moisturizer or serums is absolutely fine—just remember to communicate your skin prep routine to your makeup artist.

-Don't forget to bring a picture of the hair or makeup look you're aiming for. This will give your stylist a clearer understanding of your desired style.

Your bridal hair / makeup trial

-Plan for your trial session to take approximately 60 to 90+ minutes. Our hair stylists and makeup artists take the time for thorough consultations before and after to ensure we achieve the look you desire.

-Opt for a white shirt or top and bring along your accessories or veil intended for your wedding day. This aids in visualizing the complete look more effectively.

-Remember to bring a picture of your wedding dress and any hair and makeup inspiration images. This will help your artist understand the specific look and style you're going for.


-If there's something you don't like, speak up! Your comfort with your look is crucial, so don't hesitate to inform your hair or makeup artist if something doesn't feel or look quite right.

-Capture numerous photos throughout the day to observe the style in different lighting and angles. The more photos, the better—things can look different on camera.

-Don’t forget to ask your makeup artist for recommendations on products to use for touch-ups on the day of the wedding. 

-Finally, relax and enjoy the experience! 


Your wedding day


-Initiate a solid skincare routine a few months prior to the wedding. This ensures your skin is in optimal condition. Consult an esthetician or dermatologist for any skincare concerns. Refrain from using new products one month before your wedding day to prevent breakouts or allergic reactions.

-Ensure you arrive with clean and dry hair, free of any products (unless otherwise specified by your stylist). Additionally, think about incorporating hair oils and getting a trim a few weeks before your wedding day.

-We recommend blocking off more time than you think you may need on the day of. Our aim is to ensure everyone is completely satisfied with their look and has ample time for any necessary touch-ups. Having a bit of extra time can also provide a buffer for unexpected moments on your special day. For scheduling, we allocate 45-60 minutes for each person and 60-90 minutes for the bride.

-Make sure you eat something on the morning of your wedding day and stay hydrated.

-Stay calm and designate a trusted person to handle questions from other vendors, guests, and unexpected moments.

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